Crow 1

An American Crow perched on a cable in Los Angeles, California.

Crow 3

An American Crow flying in Los Angeles, California.

Fish Crows (corvus ossifragus) have long, black beacks and beady eyes. They have sleek, jet black feathers. While it is flying, the tip of it's wings appear to be somewhat like a hawk's. It has sharp talons and sturdy legs which are used to kill fish. Fish Crows look almost identical to the American Crow, and it is it's diet that set them apart.


Fish Crows are omnivores, and most commenly eat plants. It also enjoys bugs, and ocasionally human food.


Fish Crows live all around the U.S. year round, and in lower Canada during summer (breeding season). They live in large citys, parks, landfills, and most commenly- docks. These crows often share their habitats with American Crows, and are commenly mistaken for them.



Least Concern (LC)