Long-Tailed Tits appear to look like "fluffy snowballs". They have a small, round body with a white underside and black head and back. It's long tail is black, and a white streak runs across the middle of it's head. Small beady eyes dot either side of it's head.


Long-Tailed Tits usually eat arthropods- moth and butterfly eggs being some of it's favorites. During the autumn, it accepts vegetables occasionaly.


It is usually found in Europe and Asia, and inhabits deciduous woodland, farmland, and city parks. They build their nests typiclly in thorny bushes to keep preditors from getting to them, or their young.


Long-Tailed Tits travel in flocks of 3-30 in all seasons accept in summer (which is their breading season). When Long-Tailed Tits nest, it is usually in Feburary to March. Their nests are tight and compact, with tons of moss, cobwebs, hair, lichen, flowers, and feathers.

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