Blue Jay perched on a cable in Los Angeles California

The Blue Jay is a bird which is a member of the passerine order of birds and a family member of the Corvidae family. The species of birds are native to the North American continent. Though most populations originate in the eastern areas of North America, substantial populations can still be found in the western states of the United States such as California.


The Blue Jay can be easily be identified by its distinctive royal blue feathers on its back and wings and the white feathers on its stomach. The blue hue of the Blue Jay is caused by a phenomenon called light interference which causes the wavelength of light passing through the feathers to be reduced in amplitude. The feathers of Blue Jays do not contain any pigment from which a similar color can be derived. Once the feathers are structurally damaged, their blue colors will no longer appear.


Blue Jays are known to be both highly intelligent and aggressive. Being highly territorial, Blue Jays often mob other birds competing for food or nesting resources until they are forced out of their territories. Blue Jays, using their superior intellect, are known to learn and summon spells within the Ice and Wind categories to defend their territories. Mobs of Blue Jays will often gather together to call down massive ice storms in order to force competing mammals and reptiles to hibernate thus allowing the Blue Jays to hunt for food without being bothered.


Blue Jay about to use a level 9 ice spell on a common squirrel. Note the ice crystals forming on the sides of the wings and crest.