Hi, and welcome to the bird blillboard! This is where important events wil be posted. Feel free to come and look at what's happening around the wiki anytime!

Hot TopicEdit

A new tradition was created June 26, 2013 called the Page of the Month.

Do you like Warriors? Well if the answer is yes, go to Warriors Wiki. This wiki includes explanations on every character mentioned in the books, plus maps of the old and new territories. Pictures are on every page, and lengthy discriptions are included of every single character.

A new page was added by Birdbrain101 explaining what the Page of the Month is.

We have a new user! Her name is Ssk27, and she commented on the blog, Bird Poem by Birdbrain101.

We have a new user! His name is Garrettv11, and he made a new page called Blue Jay. It curretly won as Page of the Month.

We have a new user! His name is MrAwesome8, and he added tons of information in the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird page.

We have a new user! His name is phtwos, and he hasn't edited anything yet.

Page of the MonthEdit

The Page of the month is Blue Jay by Garrettv11. Congrats Garrettv11! If you want to  congratgulate Garrettv11, click on this link.